Wedding Themes Timeless and Stylish

With being in the wedding industry it has certainly opened my eyes to how creative you can be when organising a wedding, whether it your own or someone else’s.

Before becoming a wedding planner I was always on the lookout for new ideas and maybe bring some of my own to the table when I had a client that suited the theme. I like to be creative and imaginative when putting my thinking cap on for ideas.

This time however, it is a theme by someone who has inspired many in her time and still is a fashion icon. We are of course talking about the one and only Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey was recognised as the third greatest female screen legend and watching her films it isn’t hard to understand why. Winning an Oscar in 1954 for the role she played in Roman Holiday it was truly well deserved.


Brides of today are looking to be creative and have something different to make their guests go wow, so why not take some inspiration from a lady who was elegant , classy and dedicated. There are so many ways you can incorporate Audrey Hepburn into your special day.

So with this in mind why not try a few of the following timeless styles tips for your attire…

1. Simplicity is the key – less is more, try a simple yet elegant dress that lets you shine from it.
audrey hepburn dress
2. Wear a crown, you are a princess, be treated like a princess.
3. Be daredevil and wear bold red lipstick. As Audrey Hepburn knew this essential trick of the trade you can never go wrong with it.
4. Wear gloves with your dress adding sophistication to your outfit Aurdrey Hepburn style gloves
5. Add a sparkly belt to your dress to give you a lovely shape and it will also glamour your simple and elegant dress.

Bringing Audrey Hepburn into your day is a sure way to feel elegant, stylish and like a princess. The ideas that you can run for this wonderful theme are endless and with what I have seen so far it really is a great theme to run with. We have ideas and suggestions for this theme and many others so why not get in touch and we can discuss further for your magical day.

Pop over to our page to see how we can help you create your magical day.

*Images courtesy of Google and Pinterest*

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