Hampshire Delights…

On Thursday morning I was preparing to get work underway for our new office when Marie from Isabella Weddings called to ask us if we were busy on Saturday 7th September. She had an opening for an assistant for one of her Weddings in Hampshire this weekend and wanted to know if we could fill the role!

Without hesitation we said yes and made plans to get ourselves accommodation and travel down to Hampshire. It was all go for Sprinkle of Magic, we were very happy!


Friday we checked in at the delightful De vere New place in Swanmore which is only a few miles down the road from the Wedding Venue.  We had an early night as we would have a very busy day Saturday.

Saturday morning arrived and the weather looked a bit wet and damp but after a heavy shower in the morning the weather behaved itself for Harriet and Dan.  When Marie and I arrived at Hill Place we could hear the giggles and laughter all the way down the stairs and hallways in the kitchen, which was to be our base for that day!


Bearing in mind that I had never met the beautiful bride, her friends and family before I was warmly welcomed straight away and we joined in the celebrations.  It was clear that Harriet was so in love with Dan and they were truly meant to be together.

Preparations were well under way for the Wedding Reception in the beautiful marquee and everything was in place and all ready for the special event.

When Harr20130907_122502iet came down the stairs ready for the  church, it was clear that  she was the happiest woman alive.We were very privileged to be able to share Harriet and Dan’s special day! Even if you didn’t know the bride when she made  her entrance you had a lump in your throat with happiness.  Harriet you were truly a princess.

The suppliers at the reception were  second to none and really cannot fault  them in any way! They all worked like clockwork and communicated so well  together, this I found so impressive.

With a beautiful Bride and dashing Groom along with the stunning setting this truly was one very special day, one that not only Harriet and Dan will never forget but the guests as well!

20130907_133154 20130907_133256 20130907_202925

Perfect in every single way!

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