What to ask your wedding planner before hiring…


Questions you should ask a wedding Planner

1. Are you qualified?

Although it is not essential that your future wedding planner is qualified it will give you peace of mind and more credibility that your planner has taken the time to gain experience and understanding of the wedding industry.

2. Do you have experience?

It also gives you piece of mind and confidence that your planner has experience in previous weddings . Knowing that any situation can arise and capable to deal with any hiccups that may arise.


3. Can you provide Testimonials?

Majority of Wedding Planners will display their testimonials from clients on their website, if not then ask them. Or ask to speak to their previous brides for written or verbal confirmation with their consent.


4. How many weddings do you do per weekend?

You will want to establish that your wedding planner will be available for you should you need them, will they be concentrating solely on your wedding that weekend or will they have another wedding to organise and be distracted? Will they be there for your rehearsal or a member of their team?  It is important to know that your wedding planner / coordinator will focus on your day the week of your wedding.


5. What exactly are your fees covering?

Some wedding planners take a percentage or your wedding budget and others will charge a flat fee depending on what planning package is chosen by you. Ensure you know exactly what you are paying for and ensure that there are no hidden costs.



6. Can you provide discounts from suppliers?

Always ask your Wedding planner / coordinator if they have a good relationship with their suppliers? Will they be able to obtain a decent discount to get a good deal rather than you going to them directly? Often suppliers will provide discounts to wedding planners / coordinators if they have worked with them before and know how they work and actually find it easier if they are a good planner!




7. Do you allow a payment plan?

Wedding planners are fully aware that this is going to be one of the most expensive times of your lives so will want to help you spread the cost of their services to help you keep track on your budget. Although a percentage of your wedding planning package for a deposit to secure their services would be expected.


8. Will you be there from the start to end of our wedding day?

Find out how many hours your wedding planner / coordinator is contracted to be at your wedding, do you want them from the very start including set up, right through to the end? At any stage of the day any hiccup may occur and it is handy to have your wedding coordinator there through every stage to be able to rectify and handle any unexpected issues.  This is another way to help you as a newly Bride and Groom to take away stress and put you at ease.



9. Will you get to know our bridal Party?

Depending on the package you hire your wedding planner for they will want to get to know you as a couple and also your bridal party. So, if you hire them for the day coordination only they will liaise with the suppliers to build a relationship with the key people involved for your special day.


Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners want you to feel comfortable with your wedding planner when you book with them, they want you to feel that you can trust them to help you with suppliers and venues whilst you remain in full control. They won’t dismiss anything that you ask them to do and nothing is any trouble for them, they always go that extra mile for all clients.


Sarah -owner and founder of Sprinkle of Magic is experienced and knows what she is doing when it comes to organisation which a big key when it comes to planning.

MisstoMrs magazine cover Just married flip flopps

Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners want to be able to help you create your dream and sprinkle our magic dust to make your dream a reality for a day to remember for all involved.


Sarah Tugwell, NCFE Diploma qualified wedding planner at Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners


Sarah Tugwell Mobile: 07961477081,

Email: sprinkleofmagicweddings@gmail.com

Website: http://www.sprinkleofmagic.co.uk

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