Do you need to be qualified to become a Wedding Planner?

Do you need to be qualified to become a Wedding Planner?

My answer would be it depends on who you ask. Many professional Wedding Planners will come up with a different wedding-approvedanswer based on their experience and education.  There is no law to say you have to be qualified to practice as a Wedding Planner. However, I do believe the key to being a professional Wedding Planner, that this is a great unique selling point when Bride and Grooms are looking for assistance towards creating their magical day.

As a Wedding Planner I cover all over East Midlands, covering Nottingham, Derby and the Peak District and I support local business’s wherever I can to help smaller business’s like Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners to grow. I believe that this is also a great way to progress and gain the support from local suppliers.

The Wedding Planning profession is a great step forward if you are confident and have experience in previous Customer Service roles, such as in  Sales and Hospitality to name a few.  Having this background, will provide you with an insight of working towards deadlines, being customer facing and dealing with problem solving.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are many courses out there that will offer a Wedding Planning course for a day or two. They give the impression that you will understand and have knowledge of the entire wedding world in those few days but this is sadly not the case. If you are looking for an insight to the Wedding Planning world and not sure if it is for you, then maybe this could be a good first step.  There are many courses out there it is just finding the one that you are happy with.  If you are qualified and have a certificate then it shows how serious you are about being in the Wedding Industry and that you are in it for the long haul and that you really care about customer satisfaction.

The courses show you an insight of how to become a Wedding Planner and you will learn many skills from them. They will show you how to impress perspective clients, how to prepare for meetings and more importantly how to work with the Bride and Groom to achieve their special day.

This knowledge is not so easy to gain from a course or college and needs to be gained from experience. This all ncfecounts as your couple will expect professionalism with your knowledge and experience in creating their Wedding Day.  If possible, try to get yourself some work experience from local Wedding Planners or even Event Planners to gain a day’s experience with them.

As previously mentioned, It is not a legal requirement to be qualified as a wedding planner or do a course, however to be successful it is a good idea to educate yourself in the industry as much as you can. It will guide you to starting your own business and make your life easier.

Woodborough-Hall-Wedding-Photography-nottingham-1aIn our experience, more or less every Bride and Groom that we have worked with and who are planning with us now, have asked if we have a qualification. This really is a great selling point and will help you become more established in the wedding industry rather than someone who has been thinking about starting a Wedding Planning business and has no idea about where to start, how to get contacts,  how to be successful and obtain clients and much more. Possessing the qualification is more professional, it shows that you have invested in your career and business and more importantly, shows that you are taking pride in what you do for your clients. This in turn will show your clients that you are serious and passionate about Weddings and that you want their day to be special!

So with all of this in mind, when you are deciding about whether you want to be a Wedding Planner, look at starting Mr and Mrs Burk (19)a course where you will obtain knowledge and support from your tutor.  Don’t rush into the first course you see, take time to find the right path for you to start your Wedding Planning career.

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We are your Fairy Godmother …

We are your Fairy Godmothers!

Wedding Planners are currently in an industry where many people still have misconceptions and people don’t fully understand what they do. But as I have already have a blog on Why hire a Wedding Planner this one is more about the myths of Wedding Planners and putting the truth out there for all Bride and Grooms to read.963980_656521647698414_1986489416_o

Number 1

Myth: Wedding Planners take over and control everything and I don’t get a look in.

Fact:  As Professional Wedding Planners we are looking to bring your dream wedding into a reality, we work with the couple from the minute they hire us through to their big day. We listen to clients to understand what their wishes are, understand the Bride and Groom as a couple and get to know them. We believe that weddings should be as individual and unique as the couple and reflect on the couples personality and style.  We are there to help bring all the ideas and dreams together and you are involved fully.

Number 2

Myth: My venue has its own Wedding Co-ordinator so I don’t need a Wedding Planner as well.

Fact: There are alot of venues that offer co-ordinators when booked with the venue. The bonus of this is that they should have organised many Events  / Weddings at that venue. However, co-ordinators will only be there for part of your planning. Wedding Planners are there with you right though your planning process and in the background assisting with the finer details. Wedding Planners are a good asset to have as they will chase suppliers up and ensure all is to schedule (Venue co-ordinators don’t do that)

As professional Wedding  Planners we are there to guide you and support you in many tasks, such as Wedding Budget, provide timelines, itineraries for your Wedding Day for your Wedding Party and suppliers.

Both Wedding Planning and Co-ordinator roles are very different.

20130907_133327Number 3

Myth: Wedding Planners are expensive

Fact: Wedding Planners offer a varied range of planning packages to suit all budgets, yes some budgets may be large and some may be very limited but we work with the couple and work out what assistance and guidance they would like. It may be that we are only needed for a few hours to help bring the client back within their schedule or maybe a venue / supplier search. Each couple are different in what they will require from a Wedding Planner which is why we also offer our Bespoke Package.  As professional Wedding Planners we work with all levels of budget. It is a small price to pay when you have total piece of mind knowing your day is going to run smoothly so you can enjoy it from beginning to end without worrying.  Wedding Planners are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury these days due to the pressure couples are under from their working and home life.

Number 4

Myth: With my ideas, social media, family and friends, I don’t need anyone else to help.

Fact: Social Media is fantastic as is the help and assistance from friends and family. However, your friends and family won’t be able to focus in juggling various tasks and would they be OK missing part of your Wedding Day ensuring the rest of your scheduled day runs smoothly enough. A Wedding Planner will be there for as long you have agreed them to be and ensure that your Wedding Party is enjoying getting ready, this allows everyone to concentrate on getting ready rather than focusing on the finer details and leaving the Wedding Planner to focus on your schedule and special day.

Number 5138

Myth: A wedding Planner doesn’t care as long as they get paid.

Fact: Once you have spoken to a Wedding Planner you will see and hear from the start that they are there to make sure your dream becomes a reality. Their priority is making  the Bride and Groom happy as well as their families. Building a great relationship with the couple is important to us.  If we didn’t care about our clients and their special day then we would not have a successful business.


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Supplier spotlight Interview : MartinC Photography

Under this spotlight today is the fabulous Nottingham wedding photographer, Martin Cheung. Martin is based in the East Midlands but within easy reaching distance of Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield. I’m delighted that he has taken the time to answer some of our questions. Read his full interview below:

Sprinkle: Why did you become a wedding photographer?
Martin: I’d been working in IT for over twenty years and frankly it was time for a change. I’d always been a keen amateur photographer but hadn’t really considered turning professional until after a friend’s wedding where they’d paid a lot of money for photographs that were a lot worse than I’d taken as a guest.

After that I did a lot of research, invested in training & professional equipment and the rest as they say is history.

Sprinkle: Why do you like to photograph weddings?
Martin: Because I love making a real difference. Being able to capture those moments gives me great pleasure. It’s a real dream come true for me to be able to enjoy my job.

Sprinkle: How would you describe your style of photography?
Martin: It’s a mix. Intentionally so. I know many couples nowadays want to have the documentary/reportage style of photography, you know the fly on the wall type and that’s fine. But weddings aren’t just about telling the story of your day. It’s also about your guests who want to have great photographs of themselves too. I’ve also found that if you ask couples to show you the photos they love the most, 9 times out of 10 they’re posed photos.

So my aim really is to give a good mix of documentary/candids along with stunning portraits that you will proud to hang on your wall. Basically the best of both worlds.

Sprinkle: Which is your favourite photograph?
Martin: Oooh that’s a tough one. Can I pick two?
Sprinkle: Sure.

Martin: Well the first one that springs to mind is the one I took at Goosedale last year. We’d had a great daGoosedale-Conference-centre-Wedding-001y and I was getting ready to go home when I saw the sky. It was one of those which would have been criminal to ignore. So I went to grab the bride & groom. At first they were reluctant to take more photographs since they wanted to just party but I persuaded to give me two minutes. So we literally took that photo in under two minutes! A lot of people see that and assume there’s a lot of Photoshop gone into it. In actual fact very little of the photo was photo-shopped.

Woodborough-Hall-Wedding-Photography-nottingham-1aThe second has to be the one I took earlier this year. The bride was just walking into the room with her dad, the groom was wiping a tear from his eyes just as their son was looking quizzically up at his dad wondering why he was crying. It was one of those fleeting moments that lasted a second. It’s those photos I love to take.

Sprinkle: Do you have a tip for couples looking for the right wedding photographer?

Martin: Yes, whatever your budget, always insist on looking at 2-3 full weddings they’ve photographed. Quality varies so much that you need to be sure you love their photographs. Because at the end of the day those photos have to last a lifetime.

If you really don’t know where to start then you could always contract the services of a wedding planner. They usually have good industry contacts, know how the reputable ones are that have the right experience, temperament and equipment. They may even be able to get you a better deal since they will typically be referring a lot of business to the photographer.

Sprinkle: Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you can give couples to help their day run smoothly?
Martin: Try not to worry about things going wrong and just enjoy your day because it will FLY by. Trust your suppliers do their job. If you’ve chosen professionals then this is something we do day in, day out. We’ll have seen most situations and will know exactly what to do.

WOW what a year it has been for Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners

wedding-approved At the beginning of 2013 Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners were born, we were thinking about starting up a business and as always the financial’s of it always stopped us. But we did not give up on the dream. When I lost my job early into the New Year, we thought that time was right to go ahead and push our business plans and go ahead and start our dream job. With this in mind, I enrolled on a course to get qualified as a Wedding Planner. What was the reason behind that you may ask? Well, if I was personally looking for a Wedding Planner or anyone to help me towards my special day I would look for someone who had knowledge and qualifications behind them.  It also shows the prospective clients and the outside world that we are serious about the business and we not afraid to invest in ways to making it a better service to clients.1521353_668583736498087_1278076003_n We did not have a name for our business until I was completing the first assignment. The name came to me as I was writing the conclusion and  “Sprinkle of Magic” was born!  The name really impressed those who I put the idea to. So, we ran with it! Everyone I know has said they love the name and makes them smile.

I completed the Wedding Planning course  early November with a Distinction which as you can imagine I was ecstatic about. Not only had I started our business up, I was also qualified with a “distinction! I was one happy lady! Along side completing the course we got the website up and running, signed up to Facebook and Twitter and started to put our name out there in the big wide world. We have met some amazing people along our journey so far who range from venues to suppliers and of course some  wonderful Bride and Grooms to be.

Wedding planners are misunderstood or it maybe a case that the sector is not understood. Reading articles online and in magazines it appears that the general consensus of wedding planners are expensive and add extra costs onto the venue or supplier rates so that they can line their pockets further. This may be the case for some Wedding planners but not Sprinkle of Magic. We work hard and closely with out suppliers and obtain great prices from them to ensure that you get the best possible rate through us. Suppliers will give Wedding Planners a better rate than if the public go direct to them because we will recommend them to the right couple and it generates them more business that they might not have had without our intervention.

So, a year later where are we? Well we get a real buzz when an email comes through asking for a quote from couples who are looking for that extra support for their special day. We have had the privilege in working with one of the best Wedding Planners in the UK ( my tutor from the Blackford Centre who has her own fully established business) , also been very privileged to be asked to help them with a couple of weddings. Along with the above we have advertised on many of the wedding sites such as Hitched, Derbyshire Wedding Suppliers, Wedding Spot and East Midlands Wedding HQ to name a few.

Also we have appeared in the Wedding Gateway magazine1390644_357295024406092_2071137634_n that was handed out to every Bride and Groom to be at the Wedding Fayre in London. Coming up for Sprinkle of Magic is an advertisement in a magazine that is exclusive to John Lewis.  Also we can confirm that were selected by the Visit Peak District to be advertised on their website for those who wish to marry in the beautiful peak District.

Our biggest achievement to date is the award that we are about to receive. We were notified in November 2013 that we had been nominated for the Scoot Headline Awards and in January 2014 it was confirmed that we were a winner.We collect the award early April and cannot wait to show you our amazing achievement. scoot_headline_logo (1) We have had amazing support from our suppliers, had the pleasure of meeting some lovely bride and grooms to be and working with them to create their magical day is a dream come true.

We would like to thank  The Blackford Centre, Isabella Weddings and all of our suppliers including our advertisers who have taken us on board and given us the opportunity to work towards creating Sprinkle of Magic which allows us to do our dream job! If you think Sprinkle of Magic Wedding Planners can help you then please get in touch via our website email or give us a call on 07961477081 We look forward to hearing from you.

Wedding Breakfast with a Twist!

What has been happening for Sprinkle?

Recently I visited a lovely restaurant in Chesterfield called Calabria.  Calabria is a family run business who sources all their ingredients locally to support local business. 

Vittorio Risorto is the proud owner of Calabria.  Vittorio’s family moved from Calabria, southern Italy to the beautiful Derbyshire Dales in the early 60’s to establish a new and exciting life.

Since 2010 the family run restaurant has built up a great reputation not only for their excellent food but also their incredible professional staff, that are always smiling and strive to make your night a memorable one. This excellent service is hard to find these days in any restaurant let alone excellent food to go with it. 

Calabria have won many awards in the restaurant industry, the latest one being the Ospitalitá Italiana Seal of Quality in 2013.  This award is not given out lightly and acknowledges the restaurant’s commitment to a truly authentic taste of Italy.

Success shines though

Jessica Palmer – Coole is Calabria’s restaurant Manger. Jessica has worked hard over the past three years to get Calabria to its high standard.  She ensures all members of staff are fully trained in the areas that they work.  This is evident when you are there as a customer. Jessica gets a buzz from the interaction from the guests and ensures that all the praise and comments are filtered to the members of the team. 

A great menu selection is available and nothing is too much trouble for the team. The menus offer incredible choice and variety to suit all tastes and vegetarian meals are also available. They also offer a Theatre sitting so that you can enjoy Italian style dining before a visit to the theatre situated just around the corner.

                                                                                shorts 3a-68 (1)


Calabria by day is open early for a variety of breakfast options, coffee and for those dashing to work, with a range to take away. Open all day the restaurant offer fantastic wines, cold beers, amazing cocktails and a tasty selection of lunchtime dishes.

By night from 6pm every evening except Sundays, you can indulge in contemporary selection of dishes.  Set menu that is also available at lunch time is available Monday to Thursday along with a 7 course tasting experience which is available all through the week alongside the a la carte menu. 

Try something new for your Wedding Day!

Calabria have branched out into the Wedding scene and are looking forward to hold your celebratory Wedding Breakfast with them and sample a vast list of foods and canapés. Served with Prosecco it really is a great idea and with the current financial climate a fantastic way to celebrate with close family and friends for the romantic and intimate celebration.

Calabria is perfect for a couple who are looking for a small, romantic and intimate Wedding venue.  Ideally situated in the centre of Chesterfield and just a few minutes away is the Chesterfield Registry Office, with various churches including a Catholic and Methodist Church being only a short distance away. 

With the freedom to decorate to your ideal theme you cannot want for a better venue as Calabria are more than happy for you to decorate the tables, chairs and all the decoration trimmings that you may wish for to bring your party to life.

Intimate and Romantic

Recently, Calabria hosted a Wedding reception for a couple who were married in the local Registry Office and didn’t want a huge reception.  They were allowed to go in and dress up the tables and chairs along with flowers etc to bring some glamour into their day. In the meantime they just wanted a small, intimate, stylish and unique Wedding Reception and this is what they got!  

Whether you are looking for a Romantic meal for two or a celebration for an Engagement you will know as soon as you speak to the team you are in safe hands. Calabria listen to your requirements and will do their very best to give you what you want.  

With capacity to seat approximately 36 people for a sit down meal or 45 – 50 for drinks and canapés you are really in for an Italian treat! Plans to extend the upstairs into a function room are in place and should be able to hold a party of 20 people for a sit down meal

Calabria is available for exclusive and private hire and price will depend on day but be rest assured that the team will strive to ensure your celebration will be one to remember! With a bar that is licensed to serve through to 2.00am there is no reason to doubt this place really is a little Gem in the sought after area in Chesterfield. 

calabria night_238-crop


If you wish to make an enquiry or booking then please visit Calabria’s web site:

For Wedding Planning please contact us at or